14 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Magazine Theme

How many bloggers make an extensive research before buying a WordPress Magazine Theme? Less than you think. And in this case, they will likely have remorse after paying for it. Choosing a WordPress Magazine  theme should be a weighted decision,

Top 8 Writing Mistakes to Avoid for Online Magazines

What are the mistakes to avoid when writing your online magazine? The insights are valuable not only for beginner writers, but also for authors with years of experience. And a good portion of these suggestions is adequate even to those who

5 Benefits of Using Issue Based Magazine Plugin

If you belong to the previous era, you will surely remember when news or articles of any kind were generally available just on paper, like National Geographic, or Time. If you ever noticed, these paper sources were (and still are)

How to Properly Maintain Your WordPress Website or Blog

Websites require constant maintenance. You cannot install and configure a site and then not worrying about it for many years because this can lead to serious problems: failure, bad indexing, even legal issues. The following is a checklist which refers