Theme Installation

To install this theme, you need WordPress installed for your website. Click here for more details on how to install WordPress. Once WordPress is installed, you can upload theme in two ways: WordPress Upload: Download zip file of the theme

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Theme Options

IssueMag Pro theme provides different configuration options to build and customize your website. After activating theme, go to Issue Options to set configuration options for the theme. General     Feed URL: Add the URL of the page whose feeds

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How to upgrade IssueMag theme

You will get email notification every time IssueMag Pro theme is upgraded to your registered email address. Once you get notification for theme update, kindly follow below steps to upgrade theme on your website: WordPress Upload: 1. Go to My

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How to set up home page

IssueMag Pro provides 3 different versions of home page. To set up home page, create page from Pages > Add New tab from you admin panel and set page Template Homepage-1 or Homepage-2 or Homepage-3 as per your liking. You

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How to set up category page

To set up category listing page, create page from Pages > Add New tab from you admin panel and set page Template as Magazine Category Listing. All the categories from the selected issue will be displayed on created page. Shortcodes

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IssueMag Pro offers 18 widgets to add content and features to your website. They can be added, removed, and rearranged on the WordPress Administration Appearance > Widgets panel. IssueMag Pro offers below widgets: 1. IMT: ADS 125×125 Purpose: Use this

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Language Translations

IssueMag Pro is a translation ready theme. That means you can translate it to your local language. By default theme is supplied with The English language. Kindly follow below steps to localize it: 1. Download Poedit from http://poedit.net/ and install

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Theme Navigations

IssueMag Pro provides two navigation menus in header. One is WordPress’s default menu and other is created by theme to display your magazine categories in header. Reason for providing two menus is, for magazine websites most important is to have

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Page Templates

IssueMag Pro provides different page templates to help enhance your site functionality. Theme provides below page templates: 1. Author Listing This template displays a list of all the authors on the website. 2. Contact Form This template displays map of

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Magazine Post Formats and Features

IssueMag Pro provides different post formats to beautifully represent in your magazine articles. With each post you will get below options: Magazine Format:Theme supports below post formats:   Default: Default format provided by WordPress. Video: Video post format allows you

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How to set up mega menu

IssueMag Pro provides facility to enable mega menu in the categories menu. Kindly refer Theme Navigations, for how to set up categories menu. Once categories are activated in menu, go to Magazines > Magazine Category and set Mega Menu option

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IssueMag Pro theme comes up with 10 handy shortcodes to make your theme more customized. Use these shortcodes and you can create your customized homepage with various blends of design and functionality.   Below is the detailed explanation on how

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