Theme Options

Newsmagfree theme provides different configuration options to build and customize your website. After activating the theme, go to Appearance > Customize tab. Logo & Favicon Brand Name: Add your brand name if you don’t want to upload logo icon. Logo:

Theme Installation

To install this theme, you need WordPress installed for your website. Click here for more details on how to install WordPress. Once WordPress is installed, you can upload theme in two ways: WordPress Upload: Download zip file of the theme

Recommended Plugins for newsmagfree theme (free)

We recommend using Manage Issue Based Magazine plugins to enhance website features. Manage Issue Based Magazine This plugin is the heart of the theme. Issue based magazine functionality is driven by this plugin. (to know more) Kindly refer for

Language Translations

Bloggie is a translation ready theme. That means you can translate it to your local language. By default theme is supplied with The English language. Kindly follow below steps to localize it: 1. Download Poedit from and install it.

Keep your site under maintenance mode

Bloggie theme provides functionality to keep your site under maintenance mode. Follow the steps below to keep site under maintenance mode: 1. Activate Coming Soon Page from Bloggie Options > Coming Soon Settings. 2. You may provide desired title, description,


Bloggie offers 17 widgets to add content and features to your website. They can be added, removed, and rearranged from the WordPress Administration Panel( Appearance > Widgets ). The widgets offered are mentioned below: 1. BT: ADS 125×125 Purpose: Use

How to create Gallery for post format

Bloggie provides galleries as one of the post formats to make your blog more attractive. To enable the gallery, first you need to create gallery. To create gallery follow the steps below: 1. Go to Bt Galleries in the admin

How to create Slider for post format

Bloggie provides sliders as one of the post formats to make your blog more attractive. To enable the slider, first you need to create slider. To create slider follow the steps below: 1. Go to Bt Sliders in the admin

Post Formats and Features

Bloggie theme provides different post formats to beautifully represent your blogs. With each post you will get below options: 1. Format Options Theme supports below post formats: 1. Default: Default format provided by WordPress. If featured Image is uploaded, it

Page Templates

Bloggie theme provides different page templates to help enhance your site functionality. Theme provides below page templates. 1. About Us 2. Blog Listing 3. Coming Soon 4. Contact Us 5. HomePage 6. SiteMap 1. About Us This template can be