To manage magazine issues, click on “Issues” link in left menu as indicated in the screenshot below.

create and manage Your Magazine Issues

For each issue, you can specify the following information

The name of the issue you set here is how it appears on your site. For example, you could say January 2014 for the January issue.

The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

This is the content that will be displayed with each issue.

Issue Categories
Choose article categories which will be displayed when the issue is selected. This way you can have different categories for your each magazine issue.

Cover Image
Set cover image of specific dimensions for the issue. This is same as you would choose for a hard copy of the magazine.

Uploading Issue PDF
Instead of populating all the content for the issue in terms of WordPress categories and articles, you can simply upload PDF for the issue. Readers can then just download the content from the website.

Issue Publish Date
This is the date on which you want to publish the issue. You can set a future date. So even while you are working on content for another issue, the current issue will go live on the specified date.

Select Master Category (Available only in ‘Edit’ Screen)
When you edit your issue categories, you get the option to select a Master category for the issue. This category is highlighted on the home page or at any specific location for the particular issue. Different issues can have different master categories. This field is available only on the “Edit” screen as categories selected for the particular issue are needed as options to display the Master Categories.