Issue Based Magazine offers the following issue settings options.


1. Page for Magazines
If the page is empty, it displays articles from the Current Issue.

2.Page for Issues Archives
If the page is empty, it displays the list of all Issues.

3. Display full article on category page
Set this option to ‘Yes’, if a particular category has a single article. This setting will display full article on the category page and draw attention away from lack of other articles in the category.

4. Allow users to post articles in past issue
If this option is set to ‘Yes’, logged in admin user would be able to post articles in past issues.

5. Default article status for editors
Enable default article status when editors add new articles. This feature is useful for moderation of posted articles.

6. Editors can register from website
If this option is set to ‘Yes’, a link will be displayed on the website to register. Imagine the convenience. Simply register from the website and edit or make changes as required.

7. New editor status
Protect your precious publication by making sure that only the right users have access to edit content. When this status is set to ‘not approved’, newly registered editors cannot post or edit content directly without admin approval.

8. Cover image dimensions (Width and Height)
Specify the best size for your cover image. Thumbnail will be created with specified dimensions.

9. Number of articles displayed per page
You can specify the number of articles that will be displayed on each page.

10. Search behavior (Within current issue or site wide)
There are two search options – ‘within current issue’ and ‘site wide’. If set to ‘Within current issue’, search will be performed only on currently selected issue.If set to ‘Site wide’, search will be performed on all issues.

11. Current Issue
You can set a particular issue of the magazine as the default issue that is displayed when the website loads.

12. Issue Category
If Issue Category is checked, then the current issue categories are displayed in the Primary Menu