Newsmag Pro provides different page templates to help enhance your site functionality. Theme provides below page templates:

1. Author Listing
This template displays a list of all the authors on the website.

2. Contact Form
This template displays map of your location and contact form along with page content. You can set location information from Newsmag Options > Contact Us Information. We have used Multi-language Responsive Contact Form plugin for contact form.

3. Display Feed
This template displays feed from third party website. This page template is useful when you want to display the feed from another website on your website. Kindly note, do not use only “feed” word as a slug for the page, as “feed” word is reserved by WordPress to display your website’s feed.

4. Templates for home page – HomePage and HomePage version 2
Newsmag Pro provides 2 different versions for home page. You can set one of them for the home page. Kindly check,
How to set up home page
for more information on setting the home page.

5. Custom Homepage
This template is used when you want to create a custom homepage with the option of having either one of the sliders or current issue image as the first block. Rest of the homepage can be made simply by adding shortcodes for the blocks which you want to display on homepage. If you do not need the slider or the current issue image on top the you can create the homepage using the “default” template.

6. Newsmag Pro Category Listing
This template displays list of all the categories in the current issue user is browsing. So for example if there are different issues of your magazine, for example, January 2016, February 2016, etc. and user is browsing January 2016 then all the categories from issue January 2016 will be presented to user.

7. Sitemap
This template displays HTML sitemap of the website.

You can set page template for any page using Page Attributes > Template field from add/edit page in admin panel.