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Top 8 Writing Mistakes to Avoid for Online Magazines

  • Erik Emanuelli
  • 01/10/2015
What are the mistakes to avoid when writing your online magazine?

The insights are valuable not only for beginner writers, but also for authors with years of experience. And a good portion of these suggestions is adequate even to those who are wondering how to create an effective website.

In short: do read this post, so to understand how to prevent these content mistakes.

Starting an online magazine is relatively simple: you do not need great technical knowledge, especially if you decide to use WordPress as CMS.

However, it is equally easy to make blunders while creating your content. And this can lead to a slower growth of your online project and, in some cases, even to its failure.

Therefore, you must be careful and adopt as soon as possible a mentality of a web 2.0 professional.  Especially if your intent is to make money with your WordPress magazine.

So let’s not waste any more time: these are the top eight writing mistakes you should avoid in online magazines.

1. Focus On The Wrong Niche

You can not create a magazine where you write about everything. Because who wants to talk about everything, who wants to please everyone, in the end, does not satisfy anybody.

It is necessary to focus on one and very accurate topic.

So the first mistake you should avoid when creating your online magazine is precisely to address one or more wrong niches. This can happen for two reasons.

The first is that you have gone off topic, similar to what often happens to students in their schoolwork. As a result, your writings lose effectiveness because your niche audience slowly stops following you.

The second reason why you can go off topic is to have chosen the wrong niche. On both cases, the consequences are very serious.

In short: you must carefully select the niche of your online magazine. There must be complete consistency between the content that you publish and the audience who follows it.

2. The Titles of Your Posts Do Not Attract Attention

You must be able to create quality content and then create outstanding titles that have great appeal for your readers.

In fact, it is a serious mistake to write original, relevant and valuable content, but then combine it with poor and sloppy titles!

Give them some verve! If they are appealing, your audience will be attracted, hurrying to read the content of your magazine.

But how to achieve this effect of involvement on your readers through the titles?

You may want to follow these simple steps:

  • be transparent
  • be attractive
  • be brief and concise

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3. Publish Content of Poor Quality

That’s a really harmful mistake, that can nip any ambition to build a popular and successful online magazine. Why?

Because users want to read not only high-quality, but also original content that is relevant and useful (which means, something that solve problems and give concrete information, or enriching your readers).

If you are one of those writers who develops and publishes poor content – not even counting those who copy the work of others – you can not claim to be authoritative for your niche. And you can not even aspire to get some kind of web traffic to your online magazine.

If you are able to create valuable content, you’ll receive in return attention and consideration from your visitors. The quality, as well as hard work, always pays off on the web.

4. Ignore the Rules of Web Writing

If you want help with publishing content for your online magazine, then follow the rules of online writing .

Writing on the web has its own rules, which are very different from those of the traditional printed paper.

Here some points you need to follow:

  • your content must possess good legibility
  • it must be clear to interpret
  • it should have a catchy message
  • it must be simple
  • you should include keywords
  • you need to add original images
  • most important, you must follow the SEO rules

5. Publish Without a Regular Basis

Your online magazine needs to have a real editorial plan. You should be able to create awesome content and publish your posts on a regular basis.

In this sense, for example, if you choose to put online 2 or 3 articles a week, then you have to respect this deadline. Because the web is full of magazines who started well, but then have fallen by the wayside.

You should be consistent and constant. If you have established a publishing plan, you have to respect it.

The difference between a successful online magazine and an amateur one also includes this mistake.

Not to mention a public that sees you offering fewer posts will soon leave your website to read some other online content. And you know, on the web, a strong competition is only a click away from you.

6. Do Not Care of the Social Aspects

In essence, it is the mistake of not giving any weight to the fact that social networks are important for spreading the word about your magazine.

Remember to add social sharing buttons on your website, which is quite easy, if you are using WordPress.

Another mistake is not creating a profile on each of the most popular social networks on the web, where you will be able to find a good part of your audience.

You know, nowadays, people do not look for quality content only through search engines. Since they spend a lot of time on social networks, they look for articles to read there too.

So, it is mandatory that your magazine has a strong presence on the social media channels of your niche.

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7. Do Not Listen to Your Audience

The audience of your magazine and, more generally, your whole niche constitute a target with highly specific requirements.

If you remain active, listening to your readers, you will be able to grasp with the right timing their problems.

This means that you can anticipate the needs of your niche, being always one step ahead towards your competitors.

Of course, this costs a lot of hard work. But it is an obligation. Otherwise, the danger is to continue writing irrelevant posts, because they treat obsolete areas. And the natural consequence of such an attitude is losing visitors, who are the most important thing of your online magazine.

A good communication with your users also goes through the comments of your articles.

With the comments, in fact, your visitors can express their opinions and even their negative criticism about the topics posted.

Not responding to their views is a serious mistake you need to avoid!

Therefore, if you want to improve the communication with your audience, be sure to reply to any thoughts of your visitors, even if that person proves to be critical.

After all, this is also a way to get help improving the writing of your magazine.

8. Ignore the Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not dead. It may have changed a lot in the past years, but it’s certainly really important if you want to build a successful magazine.

So if you want to have more chance that your content precisely reaches your niche and, at the same time, getting an increase in web traffic, be sure to learn the basics of SEO.

And stay updated on every substantial change, such as that associated with the introduction of Google algorithm updates.


These are the top eight content mistakes for online magazines.

What do you think?

In your opinion, is this list correct?

Would you add any other publishing errors?

Please write a comment below. And don’t forget to share the content, if you liked it!