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Well Yiu Glass Co., Ltd. Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city of Qingdao Jiaozhou West Town, the resident companies from the same three highway just 5 km and 7 km away from the Jinan Railway, 20 kilometers away from Qingdao Shandong International Airport and strategic location, traffic It is very convenient.

Founded in September 2006,A total investment of 120 million yuan,Covering 200 acres, of which construction area of 20,000 square meters. A total of 500 employees, including technical staff of 260 people, accounting for 52% of the company's staff.

The company has two furnaces are used the most advanced glass furnace design technology, with an annual ordinary white or white material in a glass bottle over sixty thousand tons. Product varieties are beer bottles, wine bottles, drinks bottles, condiment bottles, shaped bottles, export bottle, as well as the capacity to rise to ten liters from the three big mouth bottles, glass bottles with a variety of daily production capacity, advanced technology, products of good quality, the technical indicators are higher than the industry standard.

Companies in strict accordance with GB / T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008 quality management system to manage. And adopted a national GB / T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, GB / T24001-2004 / ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, GB / T28001-2011 / OHSAS18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Company to market-oriented, a sales, services, information feedback one

sales pattern. And a mature way of freight logistics. In 2014, comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation I use daily glass furnace, is a leading national energy-saving technology, energy conservation by the State concerned units recognized in the national energy conservation work, the energy-saving effect is prominent,He won the national awards more than one million yuan.

November 2015, the company reorganized to upgrade and adopt the most advanced production equipment and production technology, the company's main production facilities have six sets of double-drop bottle manufacturing machine, ten groups of single drop bottle manufacturing machine, 9S machine and so on, the cold end equipment, it is equipped with automatic inspection machines and photographic inspection machines and automatic packaging machines.

In 2014, the company realized Sales of 195 million yuan, A profit of more than 1900 million yuan, profits and taxes over 500 million,du village leading enterprises, big profits.

Companies adhere to customer-centric, quality and development, to be effective management of operating principles of production, since its inception, courtesy of friends of the strong support of the company sales booming, motivated employees doubled, all aspects of corporate work has entered a virtuous track development cycle.

Here, sincerely welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad throughout the company with the development plans for a better tomorrow.


Yao Thun Art glass created soul

Achievement, art glass, art glass gives soul; glass forging operation,

Yao will give grace glass passing soul.

  • 1.2

    A total investment of 120 million yuan

  • 200

    More than 200 acres

  • 20000

    Construction area of over 20,000 square meters

  • 500

    A total of 500 employees

They chose Yao Well, How about you?

For Yao Well, the customer will be the greatest resource; sincere cooperation with customers, customer feedback is our motivation.

Shake hands with every customer, are a symbol of grace Yao closely with customers and friendship.

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