Qingdao glass products factory of the enterprise purpose

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Qingdao glass products factory of the enterprise purpose

Company News2016-05-16

Compared to glass production factory in Qingdao everyone to understand somewhat, so for a company specializing in the production of glass products, the real service tenet and company is what, today is to talk about it:


Yao er glass aim: through to the customer provides the omni-directional service products, achieve the common development of the company and its customers; Through fully respect, mining and cultivate the staff's potential, realizes the staff and the company grow together.


To customers, win-win cooperation, common growth; To employees: learning training, achievement ego; To society: pay attention to environmental protection, and sincere dedication team strength and resources sharing positive enterprise culture communication and to fully understand the specific goals and efficient operation management goal in 10 years, the domestic glass industry to create a first-class high-tech enterprises, products reached the international advanced level.


Values of people-oriented, rely on people to develop good products, advanced equipment rely on people to action, value of the services provided by people. To choose the right, with strong staff, strengthen the education and training, create ShuanXin retention working and living environment, set up to realize life value platform for the employees.


Scientific and technological innovation, always adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, efforts to research and development of new products to adapt to the market demand, adopt advanced production equipment, improve production technology, continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, providing customers with value, first-class products and services.


The good faith is supreme, in the business relationship with customers, to management, the good faith management, to perform the contract strictly in accordance with the law and one thousand ways to meet customer requirements, not do beggar-thy-neighbour, illegal business. Safety first: insist on the policy of "safety first, prevention first"; Actively advocate "people-oriented, safe," safety management concept; Education the general staff firmly establish a "safety overriding, safety is above all, safety is higher than all" thought, strive to create health, environmental protection, safety, clean operating environment.


Development ideas for the future of glass production factory in Qingdao have good ideas, to now are also efforts toward the goal.



Yao En 2006 founded in Qingdao Jiaozhou

Using the most advanced glass furnace design technology, with an annual output more than sixty thousand tons

With a variety of daily-use glass production capacity

Customer-focused, quality and development

Welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad throughout the company and discuss development plans