The development of super white glass glass products factory in Qingdao

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The development of super white glass glass products factory in Qingdao

Company News2016-05-17

Qingdao glass production factory in the near future to understand to the forefront of information, super white glass building is gradually realize its value, has become a status symbol buildings.

Super white glass is a kind of super clear low iron glass, also called low iron glass, high transparent glass. It is a new type of high quality, multi-function high-grade varieties of glass, light transmittance of up to 91. More than 5%, with glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, high-end elegant, features a glass family 'crystal prince said. Super white glass have a combination of high quality float glass has all the machining performance, has excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties, can undertake various like other high quality float glass deep processing. Unmatched quality and superior product performance make super white glass has a broad application space and bright market prospects.

High prices and excellent quality, made of super white glass building status symbol. From the perspective of a worldwide sales, only those upscale restaurants, super white glass city landmark buildings, government financial engineering, large luxury exhibition space to use, such as Beijing's bird's nest, water cube, the museum of Chinese history, the national grand theatre, Shanghai opera house, and so on domestic well-known buildings adopt the super white glass.

For super white glass, glass production factory in Qingdao extensively studied, the quality and value of the super white glass also have quite understanding, believe that the broad masses of people for super white glass love must be less than we.



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