Qingdao art glass in glass products factory selection and recognition

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Qingdao art glass in glass products factory selection and recognition

Company News2016-05-19

As the production of glass glass products factory in Qingdao, for art glass production has a high art form of expression, and in the forefront of technique and production process, for the glass art reflects more on a layer of liu, then according to the selection of artistic glass and identify how to choose? Today small make up led you to choose the finest art glass.

Art glass is the most full of art glass family fun varieties, advanced art glass for modernization of the necessities of the bedroom. Will a henceforth have its official exquisite, modelling is chic, shining, glittering and translucent bright art glass in the bedroom, make the houseful diffuses the strong artistic atmosphere.

Theory of modelling art glass, vase, fruit, wine, flower basket, ashtray, no unprepared. Theory of color, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet, including transparent, colored available: theory of glass quality, have the rare earth color quality and tinted glass and transparent crystal glass, etc.; Theory of the official seal method, can be divided into fine carving, sculpture, etching, etc.

With rare earth color crystal glass has good quality of a material to make art, it has the color of quietly elegant, but also has excellent transparency, under the bright light can reflect shiny fluorescent. They have to with light color changing effect, such as using neodymium oxide coloring glass mauve in the sunshine, under fluorescent lights, violet, use them to make art has a high grade. So-called tinted glass, be in namely blank production when in a glass tube, combined with thin layer or one multilayer of colored glass, then through carefully from the seal. Tinted glass of engraved designs are generally in a certain pattern carved to surface part color glass layer, both inside and outside of glass set each other off becomes an interest. Rock crystal glass has the characteristic with crystal very similar appearance, it were shining brilliantly, refractive power is very strong, made with it give a person the sense with serene empty spirit.

Fine carved glass design general deep, line is simple, the ridge surface has the extremely high refractive effect. Sculpture is generally in the fine carving on the basis of further henceforth have its official fine realistic design, can make the surface presents distinct effect, such as full of stereo feeling and realistic landscapes, animals and birds, characters, etc.; Etching is the use of directional corrosion surface part of colored glass, chemicals, after the set off of glass design, this is a kind of surface decoration style is very difficult. Etching method can replicate any paintings and keep its original flavor, and can make art, so this type of general cost is extremely high.

According to the forms of art glass for its very detailed survey, Qingdao glass products factory has other art glass production as well as the selection of common glass has multiplicity, so in view of the glass can be more effective to choose.



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