Qingdao glass products factory: your bottle clean enough?

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Qingdao glass products factory: your bottle clean enough?

Industry News2016-05-15

Glass is a combination of modern and classical, the combination of colour and modelling, the perfect combination of technology and art of the ideal product. However beautiful contrast with defects always exist, glass bottle after molding, sometimes wrinkled skin, the body will appear a lot of stains or spots bubbles scratches, etc., Qingdao glass products factory workers for us to explain, more smooth glass bottles is not enough for the following several reasons caused by:


1. The glass material billet into initial shape when not accurate early into the mold, and mold wall friction is too large, the formation of folding lines, wrinkles diffusion from blowing of amplification, fold in the glass bottle.


2. The poor quality of glass bottle mould oil can make the mould lubrication is not enough, drip feeding speed is reduced, is expected to change too fast.


3. The upper feeder cutting tool is too large, individual cut scar in the bottle after bottle shape.


4. At the beginning of glass bottle mould and ChengMo material is poor, density is not enough, after the high temperature oxidation too fast, in the mold surface formation of tiny pits, cause after molding of glass surface is bright and clean.


5. Kiln material liquid inside the glass is not clean or uneven material temperature, also can make the output jar appear bubbles, small particles, small hemp billet.


6. At the beginning of mold design is unreasonable, cavity large or small, drip into the molding die, after blowing are spread unevenly, can make the glass bottle in spots.


7 machine feeding speed uneven, improper adjustment of the wind can make glass bottle mould and early ChengMo temperature not harmonious, easy in glass bottle manufacturing cold spot, directly affect the smooth finish.


The ranks of 8. Machine machine speed too fast or slow will appear uneven glass bottle, bottle wall thick is differ, tinea.


These eight problems, want to produce the perfect glass glass products factory in Qingdao, not impossible.



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