Glass art glass production factory in Qingdao

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Glass art glass production factory in Qingdao

Industry News2016-05-16

Now it s not already fairly in the 70 s and 80 s, but full of challenge, innovation, art and fashion of The Times; Every day in the world transformation, glass and glass products factory in Qingdao with changes of The Times with their own art form. Then in view of the glass art, how can we maximize the embodiment of the beauty of the glass art?


Glass art, with creative ways - "art" as the main body, "glass" as the carrier of the modelling art glass, glass visual art. Glass art is the spirit, is invisible.


Its history is back in the early 1960 s, before "glass art" refers to glass as raw material to make decorative supplies. As the most famous Swedish Kosta Boda company, royal Dutch Leerdam crystal company, Japan Hoya crystal company, Steuben company which company in France and the United States, etc., are the workers in the factory were divided into groups of 4 or more than 4 people of artificial glass blowing process. After the movement in the early 19th century art glass, bottle blowing in glass production machinery technology completely replaced the artificial blowing technology factory.


For glass art glass production factory in Qingdao, bring its rich inspiration, also brought many guests for its source; Rich and colorful and full of artistic design feeling of the glass, is popular to the people of today's society,; No people don't like is full of art glass decorations; The glittering and translucent get rid of the art forms most can the consent of the people's favorite.



Yao En 2006 founded in Qingdao Jiaozhou

Using the most advanced glass furnace design technology, with an annual output more than sixty thousand tons

With a variety of daily-use glass production capacity

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