The performance of the quartz glass in glass production factory in Qingdao

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The performance of the quartz glass in glass production factory in Qingdao

Industry News2016-05-17

Familiar to everybody to glass, they are active in everyone's life and work, so for quartz glass in glass, you have to know? Glass production factory in Qingdao are acting collectively, to inspect it.

Quartz glass is made of silica (SiO2) single component in special industrial technology glass. It has the advantage of the other glass material can't replace a series of special functions. In the modern industry and played an important role in high-tech field. Divided into two major categories of transparent box of opaque quartz glass. Can be divided into the ordinary quartz glass transparent quartz glass, high purity quartz glass and doped silica glass.

What are the performance of the quartz glass?

1, mechanical property, quartz glass is brittle materials, the low tensile strength and compressive strength is high, the latter is the former 20 times.

2, thermal performance: quartz glass is a kind of low expansion coefficient of glass, has a very high reting resistance at the same time, can satisfy the heat resistance of 700-700 ℃ or more for a long time to use the highest heat resistance of 1500 degrees. And quartz glass or super poor conductor.

3, optical performance: quartz glass and common glass is an important difference between it within the entire spectrum of good permeability, has its in the ultraviolet and the permeability in deep ultraviolet spectrum is generally does not have optical glass.

4, chemical performance: quartz glass chemical stability is good material, and most of acid water, salt solution, and don't react. Quartz glass not hygroscopic, weathering, only hydrofluoric acid corrosion of quartz glass.

In view of the quartz glass have very familiar with? Glass production factory in Qingdao to bring are all the choicest of quartz glass, build environment that is comfortable for the customer to do great efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.



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