Toughened glass in the glass production factory in Qingdao

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Toughened glass in the glass production factory in Qingdao

Industry News2016-05-20

For toughened glass, what people thinks of above all is now applied in toughened glass membrane on the surface of the cell phone, so for toughened glass, dear friends and know about it? Qingdao glass products factory today will lead you to understand the real toughened glass. Toughened glass is through the tempering furnace heat will float glass to softening point near, then rapid cooling uniformity, uniform compressive stress from forming on the surface, while the internal heating, make its mechanical strength increased, effectively improve the glass wind pressure and shock resistance, resistance to improve thermal shock resistance of glass.


Toughened glass is widely used in main places higher mechanical strength and safety requirements. Such as glass doors and Windows, building curtain wall, glass furniture, indoor partition, elevator, furniture, etc.


The performance and characteristics of toughened glass security:


1 when broken split into small obtuse Angle of honeycomb-like granules, almost no major damage human body. Common glass broken when a large patch of debris for sharp, easy to cause serious harm to human body.


High strength: 2 than common glass with high intensity of equal thickness 4 ~ 5 times.


3 heat stability: good thermal stability, able to withstand the temperature is about the same thickness of the common glass of 3 times, can withstand 200 ℃ temperature changing. So when a fire can have short fire prevention effect.


4 immunity: than equivalent thickness of 3 ~ 4 times as big as ordinary glass. Toughened glass under load, the maximum tensile stress is not as common glass in glass surface, but in toughened glass plate center.


Toughened glass to bring not only the phone that simple applications, on the proper use of toughened glass is dwarfed, so glass production factory in Qingdao for the different range of toughened glass production and looking for the customer. Help customer to have the most suitable toughened glass.



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